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(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Trace of the wartime Dragoon Trail (Texas Cattle Trail) near Owl Creek School (right). 3.5 miles north of Stonewall
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(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Close-up of the trace

(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Site of the wartime Colbert Institute, northeast of Cochran's Store


(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Frisco Cemetery at site of the Colbert Institute


(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Phillips' cavalry followed the Dragoon Trail southwest (past the future site of old Stonewall, on the left), crossing Clear Boggy (just ahead) to Cochran's Store on February 14, 1864. Phillips made his HQ at "Camp Kagi" near Cochran's Store that evening


(April 20, 2013) Enlarge Wartime Dragoon Trail crossing of Clear Boggy River about one-half mile east of Cochran's Store. View looking south


(April 20, 2013) Enlarge The crossing from the south bank. View looking toward old Stonewall, now Frisco

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