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(8-2007) Enlarge Confederate Memorial in downtown Baton Rouge; plaque detail: "Erected by the men and women of East and West Baton Rouge to perpetuate the heroism and patriotic devotion of the noble soldiers from the two parishes who wore the gray and crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees. Original monument erected 1886 A.D"
Photo by Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA


(8-2007) Enlarge Henry Watkins Allen's grave on the grounds of the Old State Capitol
Photo by Joel Manuel


(8-2007) Enlarge Historical marker near southern end of Union lines, and the battery mentioned on the marker: "Colonel Henry Watkins Allen, later governor of Confederate Louisiana, was severely wounded near here in the Battle of Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862. He fell while leading his Louisiana brigade against an Indiana battery in position on Government near Seventeenth Street. The battery was supported by units of the 6th Michigan Regiment, part of the Union forces then holding the city"

Photo by Joel Manuel


(8-2007) Enlarge Marker on the site of Col. Allen's wounding, in the corner of the Dufrocq Elementary playground: "Governor Henry Watkins Allen, acting color bearer for [?]th LA. Battalion, was wounded near this spot during the Battle of Baton Rouge, August 5th 1862. Local U.D.C. 1929"

Photo by Joel Manuel


(3-1994) Upstream view of the Mississippi River near the Old State Capitol


(3-1994) Downstream view near the Old State Capitol. I-10 bridge in the background


(8-2007) Monument to Breckinridge's Confederate troops and their approach to the battlefield. Close-up on next page
Photo by Joel Manuel

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