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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Visitor Center
This view provides a panoramic vista of the important bend in the Red River where Admiral David Dixon Porter anchored the US Fleet and where Union General N. P. Banks encamped his army during the Red River Campaign in 1864
This photo really helps understand the strategic importance of the location
The site is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is new. People working at the visitor center explained the place is so new that it is a work-in-progress as there are currently no interpretive markers on the trail around the impressive entrenchments


(March 16, 2008)  Enlarge Visitor Center Display
his display is located at the museum/visitor center at Grand Ecore. The photo shows a model of the USS Eastport, a ship under the command of Lt. Cmdr S. L. Phelps that was lost to the Union Navy during the Red River Campaign


(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Earthworks on Entrance/Exit Road at Grand Ecore

As you drive to the visitor center at Grand Ecore the one-way road makes a loop. In the middle is a large earthen entrenchment. This photo was taken on the one-way road going out of the park from the visitor center


(March 16, 2008)  Enlarge Grand Ecore Historic Trail

This photo taken shows a car arriving via the one-way entrance road. There is a wooden fence and small walking trail to the left. The fence is to protect the earthworks and really the visitor who walks the historic trail along earthworks built by both the Union Army during its occupation and Confederates who used the strategic location before and afterwards

Currently there are no interpretive markers on the trail but markers are planned for the future


(March 16, 2008)  Enlarge Grand Ecore Entrenchments from Gazeebo

A very short distance from the visitor center on the side facing the Red River is a gazebo built over the top of entrenchments and offering a great view of the Red River. This photo at the gazebo shows the entrenchments. In about the center of the photo is the crest of a line and to the right is the lower area. Barely visible in the upper right is the visitor center


(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Cliff/Bluff at Grand Ecore

This photo shows the sheer drop from the bluff to the Red River which is approx. 90 feet. The drop actually looked much longer!
Notice the fence for visitor protection

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