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Photos/Text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Cane River Island
The intersection of LA Hwy #1 and LA Hwy #490. The land in the foreground is called Cane River Island. This is where Union Major General N.P. Banks' Army was trapped by the outnumbered Confederates under Major General Richard Taylor.
THE RED RIVER CAMPAIGN: UNION AND CONFEDERATE LEADERSHIP IN THE WAR IN LOUISIANA Edited by Theodore Savas, David Woodbury, and Gary Joiner (Parabellum Press: Shreveport) 2003, was used to find this site

(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Union Position
From this spot Federal troops attacked Confederates who were in the hills. This site is still somewhat undeveloped even though the tower can be seen. There are absolutely no historical markers and the area is rural.
This photo was taken March 16, 2008 and the battle was fought April 23, 1864. The ancestor of the photographer was one of the Confederates under Hamilton P. Bee in Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry Regiment CSA


(March 16, 2008) Enlarge Battle Site
I-49 passes over LA Hwy #490 in this photo. The overpass can be seen to the left. Try to imagine men from the 13th Connecticut Infantry Regiment with bayonets fixed thrusting forward up this hill under a galling fire from men of Col. George Baylor's 2nd Texas Arizona Brigade Cavalry Regiment and Col. Isham Chisum's 2nd Texas Partisan Rangers Cavalry Regiment.
It is fortunate that it is possible to find a small place to pull over and contemplate the battle in this rural area.
A compelling account from the Union perspective can be found in Sprague, Homer, B. HISTORY OF THE 13TH INFANTRY REGIMENT OF CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEERS (Hartford, CT; Case, Lockwood) 1867.


(July 17, 2010) Enlarge Battle Site
Cane River crossing from Union position looking across the modern bridge toward CSA position. Battle of Monett's Ferry fought here on April 23, 1864 between Union Army and Hamilton P. Bee's Cavalry Division which included horse artillery units.

This road and bridge is Louisiana HWY #490

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