New Orleans

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Metairie Cemetery

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Bank of Louisiana (1826)
Beauregard House
Camp Parapet
Canal St. wharf
City Hall
Chalmette National Cemetery
Confederate Memorial Hall
Forsyth House, J. Davis Death
G.A.R. Monument
Garden District
General Banks Headquarters
Gen. Harry T. Hays Grave
Gen. Polk's Grave
House Where Gen. Hood Died
Jackson Barracks
Jackson Square
Jefferson Davis Statue
Lafayette Square
Metairie Cemetery
Mississippi River
Old French Market
Old U.S. Mint
St. Charles Line
St. Louis Cathedral
U.S. Customs House
Washington Artillery Park

(3-94) Grand Army of the Republic Monument, Chalmette National Cemetery, SH-46, Chalmette, LA

1994 Chalmette Tour Guide: Established in May 1864 as a final resting place for Union soldiers who died in Louisiana during the Civil War, the cemetery also contains the remains of veterans of the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, and Vietnam. Four Americans who fought in the War of 1812 are buried here; only one of them, however, took part in the Battle of New Orleans (1815)
The cemetery occupies the site of the Confederate Chalmette battery.  
 Cemetery Photos (1994 and July 2004)

(3-94) Jackson Barracks Powder Magazine and Museum, 6400 Claude Avenue (SH-46)

Tour Guide: When Louisiana seceded from the Union, Confederates took over the post; it was later retaken and garrisoned by Union troops


(7-04Jackson Square, French Quarter

Tour Guide: The old Place d'Armes (military parade ground) has served as the center of New Orleans life since the city was first laid out in 1721. The statue of Andrew Jackson was erected in 1856, when the Square received its present name
1994 view of Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral
July 2011 photos courtesy of William Bozic

(3-94) Close-up General Andrew Jackson's statue in Jackson Square
Inscription Cut in the base of the statue which was done under orders of Union general Ben Butler after the surrender of New Orleans

(7-2011) Enlarge Jackson Square form Washington Artillery Park
William Bozic photo
  (7-2011) Enlarge Jackson Square from Washington Artillery Park

See Page5 for more Washington Artillery Park
William Bozic photo

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