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Historical Southern Antebellum Plantations by Kimberly Rayborn

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(3-94) Laura Plantation before restoration, SH-18 (River Road), Vacherie, LA
After Restoration
Additional photo
Historical marker nearby
Laura Plantation Web Site

(2013Enlarge Oak Alley Plantation, 1839, SH-18 (River Road), Vacherie, LA. Site Marker: Built (1837-39) by Jacques T. Roman, this fine example of Greek Revival architecture is famous for its alley of 28 evenly spaced live oak trees, believed to be at least 100 years older than "Big House"    
Photo courtesy of Gary Dauphin, Oak Alley Foundation
Behind the plantation
Oak Alley Web Site


(3-94) Beauregard House, 1833, Chalmette National Battlefield (1815 Battle of New Orleans). Named for its last owner, Judge Rene Beauregard, son of Confederate general P.G.T. Beauregard. The house was never associated with a plantation. Confederate batteries which fired upon Farragut's fleet were located nearby. The Mississippi River levee is in the background
Additional photos

(5-00) Bocage Plantation, 1801, River Road. Site Marker: Built in 1801 by Marius Pons Bringier as wedding gift for daughter Fanny, who married Christophe Columb, a French refugee. Remodeled by Architect James Dakin 1837. Restored by Dr. & Mrs. E. G. Kohlsdorf 1941. Bocage is presently being restored by the new owners.


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