Photo Contributors:
Billy Roberts, SC: May 2000
Carroll Moore, NC
Jack Snyder, NY: October 2001
Webmaster, OK: July 2006
Brian Duckworth, NC: May 2004
Mike Stroud, SC: 1980's
Chancellorsville Battlefield (NPS)
2. Battle of Chancellorsville - Wikipedia
3. The Battle of Chancellorsville Official Records and Battle Description
4. Battle Summary: Chancellorsville, VA
5. Virginia Civil War Battle Chancellorsville

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Chancellor Cemetery
Chancellorsville Inn   2   3   4
Chandler House site
Fairfield Plantation
Fairview   2
Fairview House
Guinea Station
Hazel Grove   2
Jackson: Ambulance Route
Jackson: Amputation
Jackson: Death
Jackson: Last conference with Lee
Jackson: March   2
Jackson: Shrine   2   3
Jackson: Wounded   2
Lee: Last conference with Jackson
Lee: Renews the Attack

Chancellorsville Map Painting
Battlefield sites marked by Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA

(May 2004) The Chancellorsville Visitor Center was built in 1963 within a few yards of the spot where "Stonewall" Jackson was wounded. Photo by Brian Duckworth, NC

The following photos/text courtesy of Billy Roberts, SC
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(May 2000) Site of Chancellorsville Inn
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign

(May 2000) Chancellorsville Inn in 1863

(May 2000) Site where Gen. Thomas J. Jackson fell mortally wounded
Markers: Jackson Monuments     Marker 2

(May 2000) Detail of monument in previous photo


(1980's) Enlarge Jackson's wounding site
Photo by Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC


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