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(2005) Enlarge  History  Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville 
Chris Shelton photo


(2005) Enlarge  Link  Confederate Cemetery, near the Hermitage, Nashville 
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(5-2014) Enlarge Brookmeade Park at Kelley's Point Battlefield. West Nashville at Bell's Bend on the Cumberland River

1. Brookmeade Park at Kelley's Point Battlefield
2. Kelley's Point Battlefield -
3. Battle of Nashville - Wikipedia
4. Battle of West Nashville
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(5-2014) Enlarge Overlook near site of Confederate river batteries at Bell's Bend of the Cumberland River. View looking WNW, the direction the Union gunboats came from
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(5-2014) Enlarge Looking north across the river
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(5-2014) Enlarge Looking ENE toward Nashville
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Kelley's Point-West Nashville, Cumberland River. First two face down river (west). This is the direction the Union Gunboats would have come from. Next,north and last is facing east toward Nashville.