Battle of Sailor's Creek (Sayler's) Creek, Virginia

1. Ed Conner, TN
2. Matt Hering, TN
3. Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., Princeton Jct, NJ
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(2012) Enlarge Entrance to Sailor's Creek Battlefield
Alan M. Di Sciullo Photo
  (2012) Enlarge Hillsman House marker
Alan M. Di Sciullo Photo

(8-85) Located in the Sailor's Creek Battlefield Historical State Park near Appomattox Court House is the Hillsman House. Near this house, the Federal army shattered the corp of Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell on April 6, 1865. Ewell, along with his entire staff and 3400 men, was captured here

Bloodstains on the floor of the Hillsman House attest to it's use as a hospital after the battle to treat wounded of both sides

The spelling of the name of the battle was changed by the state of Virginia to "Sailor's", although the correct spelling is "Sayler's". Most historians refer to the battle as "Sayler;'s Creek"
Ed Conner Photo

(2012) Enlarge Hillsman House
Alan M. Di Sciullo Photo


(8-85) Confederate 6-lb smoothbore located at the Hillsman House
Ed Conner Photo


(8-85) Looking out over the Battlefield of Sayler's Creek, the last major engagement between the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac. Before the sun set on April 6, 1865, Lee had lost nearly a fourth of his army, over 8000 captured including Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell and MG G.W. "Custis" Lee

As Lee approached the battlefield, he was met by hundreds of disorganized Confederate soldiers, many without weapons, streaming to the rear. "My God!", he said, "Has the army been dissolved ?"
Ed Conner Photo

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