Map painting is located just in front of the Exhibit Shelter. Note the gold star in the center of the painting indicating the shelter location. The large blue and red numbers are superimposed to indicate the location of the following important phases of the battle. Photo and positions courtesy of Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA

Blue 1 - May 8, 1864 Warren's Union V Corps supports the Cavalry.
Blue 2 - Sheridan's Union Cavalry leads the advance during the evening of May 7-8.

Red 2 - Fitzhugh Lee's Confederate cavalry contests the Union move all night
Red 3 - Confederate Gen. Anderson's Corps arrives early May 8, 1864 after an all night march.
Blue 4 - Hancock's Union II Corps and Heth's Confederate division engage in flanking operations.
Red 4 - Anderson's men arrive on the run as Federals nearly breakthrough. Confederates immediately build earthworks.
Blue 5 - May 10, 1864 Union Colonel Emory Upton leads 12 regiments to a local success.
Blue 6 - May 12. A huge early morning Federal assault overwhelms an unprepared segment of Lee's Forces.
Red 7 - Lee personally leads the effort to halt the Federal attack.
Blue 8 - Federal reinforcements were held up at the earthworks where hand to hand fighting raged in the rain for 20 hours at the Bloody Angle.
Blue 9 - May 12 and 16. Burnside's II Federal Corps attacks but is easily repulsed.
Red 10 - Evening of May 12-15. The Harrison House line constructed. On May 16, massed common drive of a Federal attack.
Blue 11 - Grant, unable to break Lee's position, moves on to the southwest, ending two weeks of heavy fighting.

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