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May 2002 photo and markers courtesy of Billy Robert, SC. All 1984 photos/narratives courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
Spotsylvania Battlefield (NPS)

(5-02) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
Site Marker: Spotsylvania Campaign
Site Marker: Death of Sedwick
Site Marker: By the Left Flank, Destination: Spotsylvania Court House
Site Marker: Thrust and Parry, The 14-Day Battle of Spotsylvania - May 8 to May 21, 1864
Site Marker: The Bloody Angle "Hell's Half Acre"
Site Marker: Spotsylvania Campaign
Photos courtesy of Billy Roberts, SC

Marker (May 2013) courtesy of Walter Kasperczyk, NY
Information Marker: "If it takes all Summer"


(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
onument to MG John Sedgewick, commander of the Sixth Corps, Army of The Potomac and sits on the spot where he was killed by a Confederate sharpshooter on May 9, 1864.  He had just admonished a soldier who was dodging bullets with the statement, "Why, what are you dodging for ? They could not hit an elephant at that distance."  Seconds later he was dead, shot through the head by one of the sharpshooters whose aim he had derided


(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
The wartime road used by the troops of Col. Emory Upton preparatory to their attack on the Mule Shoe Salient on May 10, 1864.  Upton proved that the Confederate line could be cracked, but lacked insufficient troops to exploit the breach and had to withdraw.  When the results of the attack were reported to Grant, he remarked, " A brigade today; we'll try a corps tomorrow"


(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
Remains of Confederate trenches at the Mule Shoe Salient

Markers (May 2013) courtesy of Walter Kasperczyk, NY
Information Marker: The Confederate Earthworks
Information Marker: Containing the Enemy, Reclaiming the Works
Information Marker: Bloody Angle, Crowded Ravine

(May 2013) Enlarge Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
South Carolina Monument
Walter Kasperczyk photo

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