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Photos/text courtesy of Paul Stanfield, Ringgold, GA
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(February 2009) Pvt William A. Holden

(February 2009) Pvt John Montgomery



(February 2009) Pvt John Carroll

(February 2009) Battery Hill. A key railroad bridge spanned the Tennessee River at Bridgeport connecting Alabama to Chattanooga and points north and south

During the early part of the war, the Confederacy controlled Bridgeport and its strategic bridge. Confederate Brigadier General Ledbetter commanded 450 troops to defend the city at a fort situated on Battery Hill approximately 500 yards from the bridge

In April of 1862, Federal forces seized Bridgeport in a fierce battle that lasted over an hour


(February 2009) Battery Hill


(February 2009) Bridgeport Depot Museum. Post Civil War structure

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