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(September 2009) Enlarge Forks Road battlefield earthworks
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(September 2009) Sugarloaf Trail detour. Carolina Beach State Park area near Cape Fear River



(September 2009) Enlarge Entrance to Sugarloaf. Whiting stressed to Bragg that he needed more troops.  A few extra came, and Robert Hoke's veteran 5000 man force was stationed at Sugarloaf and did not participate in the Battle of Fort Fisher. Union troops landed between Kure Beach between Sugarloaf and Fort Fisher

(September 2009) Enlarge  Enlarge-2 Sugarloaf interpretive signs

(September 2009) Enlarge Sugarloaf

(September 2009) Enlarge Sugarloaf natural sand mound


(September 2009) Enlarge Sand mound


(September 2009) Enlarge Top of Sugarloaf. The trees are blocking the view of Fort Fisher, south of this spot


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