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(March 2010) Enlarge Interpretive marker

Walter Kasperczyk photo
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(July 2001) Andersonville National Cemetery. Section J (Andersonville Union POW graves). The six raider's graves in the foreground
Tour Guide:
Andersonville National Cemetery, established on July 26, 1865, continues to provide a permanent resting place of honor for deceased veterans. The initial interments were of those who had died in the nearby prison camp and are contained in sections E, F, H, J, and K. By 1868 more than 800 additional interments in sections B and C--Union soldiers who had died in hospitals, other prisoner of war camps, and on the battlefields of central and southwest Georgia--brought the total burials to 13,700. Of these, more than 500 are unknowns. Today the cemetery contains more than 18,000 interments



(March 2010) Enlarge The Raider's Graves
Site Marker:
These six graves were deliberately set apart; these six prisoners were buried with dishonor.
The names on these headstones may not be accurate. Several of the Raiders were deserters who re-enlisted under aliases

Walter Kasperczyk photo

(March 2010) Enlarge The Georgia Monument in Andersonville National Cemetery, honors all American prisoners of war. Section K (Andersonville Union POW graves) in background

Walter Kasperczyk photo

(January 2004) Georgia Monument

Jim L. Burden, TX photo

(January 2004)

Jim L. Burden, TX photo

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