The Defense of Cincinnati

Photos/Text courtesy of William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH
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Defense of Cincinnati
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Photos (Defense of Cincinnati):      
Battery Bates
Battery Buford
Battery Burbank
Battery Burnet
Battery Butcher's Hill
Battery Carlisle
Battery Coombs
Battery Groesbeck
Battery Harrison
Battery Hatch
Battery Holt
Battery Hooper   2
Battery J.L.K. Smith
Battery John's Hill
Battery Kearney
Battery Kyle   2
Battery Larz Anderson
Battery Lee
Battery Ludlow Hill
Battery McLean
Battery McRae
Battery Mt. Adams
Battery Perry
Battery Price's Hill
Battery Rich
Battery Shaler
Battery Wiggins
Behringer-Crawford Museum
Black Brigade of Cincinnati
Bromley, KY
Camp King
Camp Lew Wallace
Cincinnati, Ohio
Civil War Fortifications
Confederate Thrust
Defensive Line: Eastern Side
Defensive Line: Western Side
Devou Park
Eastern Flank
Evergreen Cemetery
Fort Burnside
Fort Henry
Fort Mitchel   2
Fort Thomas   2
Fort Whittlesey
Fort Wright
General Ormsby M. Mitchel
Kentucky Central Railroad
Licking River Pontoon Bridge
Military Road
Mt. Adams, Ohio Battery
Newport Barracks
Ohio River Pontoon Bridge
Ramage Civil War Museum
Riverboat Row
St. John the Bapt. Catholic Ch.
Western Flank
William H. Horsfall

(2011-1) Enlarge Cincinnati, Ohio. Northern Kentucky hills in background
Enlarged Views: Hit Back Button to return

(2011-2) Enlarge Civil War Fortifications historical marker-1. Riverside Drive, KY


(2011-3) Enlarge Civil War Fortifications historical marker-2. Riverside Drive, KY


(2011-4) Enlarge Ohio River pontoon bridge crossing 1862. Covington, KY floodwall mural


(2011-5) Enlarge Site of Ohio River pontoon bridge crossing Ohio River into Kentucky


(2011-6) Enlarge The western side of defensive line (Ludlow-Bromley, KY

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