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John Guss, Site Manager Bennett Place Historic Site, NC
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(January 2008) The John M. and Isabelle F. Murphy collection of Confederate firearms

(January 2008) Sons of Union and Confederate Veterans




(January 2008) Presbyterian Church and Confederate Hospital

(January 2008) Confederate Hospital
Marker Reads:
Set up in the First Presbyterian Church to receive wounded from the Battle of Bentonville, 1865, was here


(January 2008) Piedmont Railroad marker near site of wartime station

Marker Reads:
Railroad line between Greensboro and Danville. Constructed 1862-1864 for the Confederacy. Its terminus was nearby


(January 2008) Confederate Arms Factory
Marker Reads:
The Tarpley breech-loading carbine was manufactured by Tarpley, Garrett & Co. at the site of old Pioneer Foundry, located 300 yards east. Jere A. Tarpley received a patent from the Confederate Government for the carbines on February 14, 1863, in partnership with J & F Garrett, he produced carbines for the state of North Carolina and the Confederate States of America. It is believed over 400 carbines were produced during 1863 and 1864

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