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Dixon - Battle of Slaughtersville - Burnt Mill

Photos/Text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(January 2012) Enlarge CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest, on reconnaissance and foraging mission toward the Ohio River, Nov. 24 to Dec. 5, 1861, passed here with 300 cavalry on way to Caseyville. There he found large supply of hogs and took some along. After he left, USA picked up remainder. While returning to Hopkinsville Forrest captured horses, cattle and more hogs
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(January 2012) Enlarge Frontier Justice historical marker


(January 2012) Enlarge View near Battle of Slaughtersville marker


(January 2012) Enlarge Another view near the Battle of Slaughtersville marker - Col. William Hollis of Webster County and 480 men of the CSA were camped near the railroad on the Dr. Tom Drake farm. The Union Army came upon them and attacked. They defeated the Confederates and among those killed were Col. William Hollis

Webster County, KY Page1  Page2

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