Confederate Memorial Cemetery
Higginsville, MO

Photos courtesy of Sheri Bryan, MO and Mike Marshall, KY
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Photos this page courtesy of Sheri Bryan
1. Confederate Memorial State Historic Site - General Information - Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites, MoDNR
2. Confederate Memorial State Historic Site :: Daviess County Historical Society :: Gallatin Area Revitalization Alliance

3. Find A Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records

These images are of the Confederate Memorial Cemetery in Higginsville, MO and the century-old chapel standing next to it. Both are located on the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site. One feature of the cemetery is a granite monument erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The monument depicts a lion with its forepaw resting on the Great Seal of the Confederacy. Inspiration for using the lion came from the Lion of Lucerne statue in Lucerne, Switzerland. The lion, wounded yet proud and defiant, was thought to be an appropriate symbol for the Confederacy.
On a personal note, I originally shot these images (Pages 1& 2) for my father who is member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. After much searching, he found the resting place of Andrew Jackson McCormic who is a descendent of our family, and a picture of his grave marker is among these images shot at the Memorial Cemetery. In the beginning, I had no intention of displaying these pictures in a public venue. However right or wrong though, these men fought for their liberty and freedom, which are American values, and should be recognized.
Sheri Bryan, MO


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