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August 2007 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

Battle of Miskel Farm: Miskel Farm Enlarge
Historical marker near intersection of routes 808 and 815

Battle of Miskel Farm: Miskel Farmhouse Enlarge
On the afternoon of March 31, Mosby and about 70 of his Rangers set out from Rectortown in Fauquier County towards Farifax County through snow and rain. Their destination was Dranesville near the Loudoun County border. They planned on attacking the Union garrison stationed there, which was often sent into Loudoun and Fauquier to raid Mosby's Confederacy ....More


Warren Rifles Confederate Museum, 95 Chester St., Front Royal, VA


Warren Rifles Confederate Museum


Warren Rifles Confederate Museum
Sterling silver chatelaine found among effects of Belle Boyd, famous Confederate spy


Warren Rifles Confederate Museum
Medal won by Belle Boyd during her post-war lecture tours and a Victorian photo album open to show pictures of Belle Boyd and Col. John S. Mosby. The album contains 17 other photos of Confederate heroes

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