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April 2004 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

Middleburg Battlefield
Interpretive Marker: Screening Lee's Army
Looking east
U.S. Route 50 named the John S. Mosby highway in this area in Virginia extends 81 miles from the border with Washington DC at a Potomac River crossing at Rosslyn in Arlington County to the West Virginia state line near Gore in Frederick County. It is a portion of U.S. Route 50, a transcontinental highway which stretches from Ocean City, Maryland to San Francisco, California. During the American Civil War, the roads which became US 50 were an important travelway for troops, and were the site of significant battles and skirmishes. Among these, the Battle of Chantilly, the Battle of Aldie, as well as Arlington National Cemetery were all located close by

Middleburg Battlefield
Looking west



Middleburg Battlefield Enlarge

Red Fox Inn
In 1728, Joseph Chinn built a tavern out of the local fieldstone at the half-way point between Alexandria and the frontier town of Winchester, Virginia, along what is today known as the John Mosby Highway. In 1812, Chinn's Ordinary was christened the Beveridge House. It was enlarged to 35 rooms and an extensive new wine cellar was added. During the Civil War, the Beveridge House was often used by the Confederates. Most notably, it was where General Jeb Stuart met with Colonel John Mosby and his famous Mounted Rangers. And at the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign, as fierce cavalry battles raged around Middleburg, the inn served as both headquarters and as a hospital for the Confederates. While strategy was planned upstairs in what today is the Jeb Stuart Room, wounded soldiers were cared for in the tavern rooms below. The pine service bar, which is in use today in the Tap Room, was made from the field operating table used by an Army surgeon who served with General Stuart's cavalry

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