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April 2004 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA
October 2007 photos/text courtesy of Lee Hohenstein, NE

(April 2004) Aldie Just west of Route 15 on US 50
Typical of the scenery near Aldie
Fighting swirled in the area as mounted men fought in the area June 17, 1863, screening the armies as they moved toward what would be the battle at Gettysburg. The cavalry fighting moved west along modern Route 50 through Middleburg, Goose Creek Bridge and Upperville. The 1807-1809 mill also was the site of fighting involving Mosby's men

(April 2004) Aldie Mill
The mill was built in 1807-09. During the Civil War Aldie was known as a center for Confederate partisan ranger Col. John Singleton Mosby. At one point Mosby and his rangers captured two Union soldiers who had tried to hide in the flour bins of the Mill. Mosby wrote, "when we pulled them out there was nothing blue about them
The remaining four-part Aldie Mill complex includes the main merchant mill, a smaller country mill, store house and granary building



(April 2004) Aldie Mill
Aldie is an unincorporated village located on the John Mosby Highway (U.S. Route 50) between Gilbert's Corner and Middleburg in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Aldie was laid out in 1810 by Charles Fenton Mercer, who named his property for Castle Aldie, his Scottish clan's ancestral home. Aldie is home to several historic shops, homes, and the Aldie Mill, which survives today as Virginia's only known gristmill powered by twin overshot water wheels. Aldie has an annual Harvest Festival in October.

(April 2004) Aldie Mill
Aldie sites on the National Register of Historic Places include the Aldie Mill (1807) and the Aldie Mill Historic District on US 50, the Loudoun Agricultural and Mechanical Institute on Route 650, and the Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church (1851) on US 50.

Aldie was the birthplace of Julia Beckwith Neale, who became Confederate General Stonewall Jackson's mother.

During the American Civil War, the village itself and lands immediately to the west and northwest were the site of the Battle of Aldie


(October 2007) Aldie Mill  Enlarge
The Aldie Mill served area farmers from 1809 to 1971. This interpretive marker shows the milling complex in its early stage
Interpretive Marker explaining the milling process in the various buildings

  (October 2007) Aldie Mill: The Country Mill
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