Battle of Harpers Ferry

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1. Battle of Harper's Ferry
 2. Harper's Ferry, WV
 3. Charles Town, WV: Where John Brown was Tried
 4. The Kennedy Farm, Sharpsburg, MD
 5. John Brown House, Chambersburg, PA

 6. Part of Rope Used to Hang John Brown
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During the Antietam Campaign, General Stonewall Jackson enveloped the federal forces in Harpers Ferry by situating Confederate troops on three surrounding ridges-Maryland, Loundon and Bolivar Heights.

On September 14th, General A. P. Hill-located in the plain below Bolivar Heights-received orders from General Jackson to flank the federal left on the Heights. Using a feint on the federal right, Hill gained the Union rear on Bolivar Heights and occupied the hill that evening, helping to force the surrender of the federal garrison in Harpers Ferry.

The cannon points to confederate positions in the plain below the Heights.

Loundon Heights is in the background of the next picture.

The armory that played so much a part in John Brown's unsuccessful slave uprising in 1859 still stands in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park but in a different location than its original site.




Enlarge   Bolivar Heights
Loundon Heights   John Brown's Fort

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