Battle of Bentonville 140th Anniversary, March 2005

Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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Battle of Bentonville 140th Anniversary, March 20, 2005


(March 2005) Enlarge About 360 Confederate soldiers who died at Bentonville are buried below this monument


(March 2005) Enlarge Monument honoring the soldiers and civilians at Bentonville



(March 2005) Enlarge Harper House during the 140th Anniversary

(March 2005) Enlarge Confederate reenactors march back from the woods after an early morning non-spectator tactical


(March 2005) Enlarge Traffic going to the event was held up by the reenactors making their way back to camp


(March 2005) Enlarge A foggy and eerie morning made the event seem like you were back in 1865

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