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(9-2007) Enlarge Reconstructed 9 foot high palisade fence protecting fort

(9-2007) Battery Buchanan: Further down from Fort Fisher, Battery Buchanan was the last holdout of the Confederates before surrendering the fort to the federals in January 1865. The mound still exists



(9-2007) Enlarge Battery Buchanan

(9-2007) Battery Buchanan from the Cape Fear River


(9-2007) Enlarge Battle Acre Tour Stop
Highway 421 passes through Fort Fisher. This area on the Atlantic Ocean side of 421 hosts a few additional mounds of what is left of Fort Fisher. The Cape Fear River side of 421 hosts the larger mounds and the reconstructed Shepherd's Battery. The Atlantic Ocean side hosts the WHC Whiting Marker and site of Fort Fisher's HQ and flag pole. None of Fort Fisher's ocean face exists. They are under the ocean


(9-2007) WHC Whiting Marker
W.H.C. Whiting 1824-1865
Confederate major general and engineer. He devised the Cape Fear defense system. Wounded nearby in fall of fort. Died in Union hospital

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