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Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(8-2007) Abatis fencing in the park at Turnerís Gap

(8-2007) Enlarge South Mountain Summit marker
The following interpretive markers are located on the summit of South Mountain
Interpretive Marker: IM-1
Interpretive Marker: IM-2

Interpretive Marker:: IM-3
Interpretive Marker:: IM-4
Interpretive Marker:: IM-5
Interpretive Marker:: IM-6



(8-2007) The Dahlgren Chapel at Turner's Gap
Website: The Dahlgren Chapel

(8-2007) Battle of Antietam marker near Boonsboro


(8-2007) Welcome to Historic Boonsboro
1. Route 40: National Road
2. Welcome to the National Road Heritage Corridor - A historic site in Southwest Pennsylvania


(8-2007) Boonsboro Historical Park
Interpretive Marker: Boonsboro: Lee's Headquarters
Interpretive Marker: The National Road

Interpretive Marker:: Town of Boonsboro
Interpretive Marker:: The Stage is Set

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