Antietam 125th Anniversary Reenactment (1987)

Photos/text this page courtesy of Bill Weisheit, OH
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When I went back to scan these, I found some additional notes made at the time. The cost of admission was $3.00, and that was only for the Sunday re-enactments. On Saturday there was no re-enactment, but you could wander thru the camps for free. Pretty good bargains. My notes indicate that the re-enactment took place on a farm near Boonsboro, Md.
I remember that we got there at 4 a.m. on Sunday to get a good seat for the 6 a.m. "Cornfield". It was pitch black and we wandered into the Union sentry guarding the camp. After being challenged for a password, we were pointed to the spectator area. We were there to hear the bugles waking up the camps; and we watched the men march out to the battlefield in the darkness. I'll never forget the scene, the only light was from a couple of mobile concession trailers. Just enough to silhouette the soldiers forms as they marched by. Unfortunately, the only picture of that is in my mind. The battle started with the Union battery (shown in picture 1) opening fire just before the first light of day about 50 yards from where we sat. What a sight.
Sunrise reenactment at the corn field, September 27, 1987

Union battery in the cornfield. The cornfield reenactment started at 0600
Union troops in the cornfield
Confederate retreat from the cornfield
Catholic Mass in the Union camp

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