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(2003) James Island near Fort Lamar

(2003) Confederate Battery #5, part of the James Island new line



(11-2006) Fort Johnson (1704-1865), James Island
See Fort Johnson section of civilwaralbum.com
Originally built as a moated and palisaded triangular work with three bastions and a detached water battery on Windmill Point. Rebuilt in 1759. Occupied by Patriot forces 1775-1780. Reported destroyed or in ruin in 1779. A new fort was built in 1794 just to the rear of the old work, repaired in 1799. A storm in 1800 breached the walls. It was completely rebuilt again in 1809 as a 16-gun quadrilateral brick and wood work, but was almost destroyed again by a storm in 1813. Virtually abandoned after 1820. A Martello Tower (1815) was also located here, but only ruins remain (?). Confederate troops occupied the site in December 1860, rebuilding and rearming the fort with 26 guns. Only traces of CSA earthworks and the old stone powder house (1709, rebuilt 1810) still remain. The entire site is now the home of the South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute
Courtesy of S.C. Marine Resources Research Institute

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