Reports of Brig. Gen. W. N. R. Beall, C. S. Army, commanding Brigade

June 8, 1863.

SIR: I have just received your communication containing instructions from the major-general commanding that I shall send 80 men from my line to relieve the Ninth Louisiana Battalion [Partisan Rangers], on Colonel Miles' line; that this battalion cannot be trusted on outpost or picket duty; that they are deserting, &c., and that I must put them where they can be watched and shot down in case they desert.

I would respectfully call the attention of the major-general commanding to the following facts: With my brigade I was assigned a certain portion of the breastworks to defend. Since the enemy have appeared in our front, more than one-third of my best troops have been taken from me and moved to the left, where they now are, under the command of a junior officer. This I did not object to, as the interests of the service seemed to require such an assignment; but now that 80 men on the right are found who are worse than no men at all, I do object to having men taken from my line, which is so thinly guarded that I am constantly fearing that the enemy may storm the works, and 80 soldiers "that cannot be trusted" put in their stead. I do not think that is doing me justice, and if I am to take the 80 men from the line, cannot say that the chance to hold it against the enemy is even a good one. I have no place to assign these 80 men where they can be watched and fired upon should they attempt to desert, and the only place where this can be done is the guard-house, and I would recommend that they be sent there for safekeeping. I cannot guard them on my line. I had far rather not have them than to have them. I ask that 80 men from the left be sent to take the place of these men. If the major-general will only pass along my line, he will see how few men I have to guard a long and important front. Every day that 1 pass along it, my apprehensions are greatly increased.

I am, respectfully,

 W. N. R. BEALL,


 Lieut. J. S. LANIER,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


HDQRS. BEALL'S BRIG., Jackson Road, June 14, 1863.

GENERAL: The men have repulsed several charges on this line. The First Mississippi is scarce of caps; can you send me any? I am trying to get them from the regiments on the right. Our loss thus far small; that of the enemy large. Most of our guns (artillery) are disabled on this line. Fire of artillery from enemy very severe.


 W. N. R. BEALL,


 [Major-General GARDNER.]


HDQRS. BEALL'S BRIG., Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863.

MAJOR: The loss of the First Mississippi Regiment in to-day's engagement is very severe--18 killed and about 14 wounded. The command is much reduced. Cannot the 100 men ordered to Colonel [B. W.] Johnson for duty be returned to the regiment?

Very respectfully,

 W. N. R. BEALL,


 Maj. T. F. WILLSON,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Third Military District.


Report of Casualties in Beall's brigade up to June 1, 1863.* 

Command                                                                      Killed      Wounded      Missing      Total


1st Alabama, Company K                                                   2                 2                   ....            4

49th Alabama                                                                      3               18                  11           32

10th Arkansas                                                                   14               20                  49           83

12th Arkansas                                                                     3               11                  ....           14

15th Arkansas                                                                   12               39                  30           81

16th Arkansas                                                                     2                 3                  ....             5

23d Arkansas                                                                      7               28                    5           40

1st Arkansas Battalion                                                         1                 1                  ....             2

12th Louisiana Artillery Battalion, Company D.                    ....               6                  ....             6

Watson (Louisiana) Battery                                                  2              10                  ....           12

1st Mississippi                                                                      5              13                    1           19

39th Mississippi                                                                    2                4                 ....             6

1st Mississippi Light Artillery Battalion                                 11             33                  ....           44

1st Tennessee Artillery Battalion, Company B                        2               2                  ....            4

1st Tennessee Artillery Battalion, Company G                        2               4                 ....             6

             Total                                                                     68           194                 96          358

Respectfully submitted.

 W. N. R. BEALL,


 [Major-General GARDNER.]

Port Hudson, La., June 17, 1863.

GENERAL: The dead, 160, and 1 wounded man have been delivered. There are signs of many having been buried by the enemy.

General Paine was wounded in three places--in the leg, side, and shoulder--and lay all the day of the fight near our breastworks; he will lose a leg. There are hundreds of guns near the breastworks, also any number of hand-grenades.

I am, general, respectfully, &c.,

 W. N. R. BEALL,


 Major-General GARDNER,



[Port Hudson,] July 7, 1863.

GENERAL: The works of the enemy opposite the First Mississippi are very strong and extensive, and enable him to throw a force in our ditch without our being able to use sharpshooters on them. These facts will, I think, enable him to throw a force of men inside of our works without our being able to drive him back, unless heavy re-enforcements are brought from other points of the line.

To do this will be to leave said points unguarded, and to permit the enemy to come over there also.

There is more discontent among the men within the last few days than I have discovered before, and I very much fear that the officers are at the bottom of it.

If you have any directions to give me in reference to use of the troops in case the enemy get over the works, I should like to have them, as I do not think that his attack will be delayed much longer, as his works are very formidable, and, to appearances, nearly completed.

But one company of the Tenth Arkansas has reported--the others refuse, so I am told.

I am, general, very respectfully, &c.,

 W. N. R. BEALL,


 Major-General GARDNER.


*These casualties are probably included in Surg. J. R. Barnett's returns.

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