Report of Capt. John R. Fellows, Assistant Inspector-General, C. S.
Army of skirmish at Thompson's Creek, and assault on the works of Port Hudson


May 25, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to state that this afternoon a body of cavalry of the enemy appeared in the open field to the left of Troth's Mills, and were fired upon by the guns on Colonel [W. R.] Miles' line. The shots evidently did execution, and caused a very rapid retreat of the enemy. About an hour after they disappeared, a small party, bearing a white flag, came in the lower part of the field. Colonel Miles sent a flag to meet them, but, before it had advanced far, the Federals and flag fell back in the woods, bearing with them what we are well convinced was dead or wounded. All of our officers and men witnessed the base expedient thus resorted to to remove their wounded and killed from the field of their cowardly flight under a flag of truce.

I am general, very respectfully,


Captain, and Assistant Inspector-General.

 Brigadier-General [W. N. R.] BEALL.


[JUNE] --, 1863.

GENERAL: Enemy have advanced three times on the works, and have been repulsed with loss. We shot down their flag in the last attack, and it has not since been raised. They are forming a fourth line. Have no fear as to matters here. We are perfectly able to maintain our line without further help. My horse has run off; can you send me another? Two men killed and 1 wounded here, all in the artillery.



Captain, and Assistant Inspector-General.

 [Brigadier.General BEALL.]

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