Report of Capt. C. M. Jackson, Acting Assistant Inspector-General,
C. S. Army, of the surrender of Port Hudson

Port Hudson surrendered yesterday at 6 a.m. Our provisions were exhausted, and it was impossible for us to cut our way out, on account of the proximity of the enemy's works.

Our casualties during the siege are 200 killed and between 300 and 400 wounded. About 200 men have died from sickness. At the time of surrender, there were only 2,500 men for duty. I came out through the enemy's lines about an hour after the surrender, and tried to ascertain the strength of General Banks' army, but did not succeed; but from my own observation, I am led to believe his force to be 25,000 or 30,000 men.


 Acting Asst. Insp. Gen. to Maj. Gen. Frank. Gardner.


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