Cherry Mansion, Savannah, TN
1993 photos courtesy of Ed Conner, Tennessee
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The entrance to the Cherry Mansion grounds. The Cherry Mansion, located in Savannah, TN, was built around 1830 by David Robinson. He gave the house to his daughter on her marriage to W. H. Cherry, a wealthy Savannah merchant. Cherry was a staunch Unionist, but the Cherry women were decidedly pro-Southern. When he used the house as his headquarters, General U.S. Grant was careful not to wear his uniform in deference to the Cherry ladies


Front view of the Cherry Mansion. The house is privately owned and not open to the public; however, these photos were taken with special permission of the owners


This writing desk is one of two pieces of furniture known to have been in the Cherry Mansion at the time General Grant used the house as his headquarters. It isn't known for sure that Grant used this desk, but its probable that he did


This piano, located in the front parlor, is the other piece of furniture original to the Cherry Mansion. Its interesting to speculate whether or not the Cherry ladies played this piano for General Grant while he was in residence. General W.H.L. Wallace died in a room adjacent to this parlor. The TV trays stacked in back of the chair to the right are not original to the house!


(1993) Sometime between 7:00 - 7:30 am on the morning of April 6, 1862, General Grant sat down to breakfast in this dining room in the Cherry Mansion. His breakfast was interrupted by a headquarters orderly, Pvt. Edward N. Trembly, who reported the sounds of artillery coming from the direction of Pittsburg Landing. Grant went immediately to the back porch, where he heard "heavy firing"
Photo by Ed Conne
r, TN


This is a view of the back porch of the Cherry Mansion taken from the location of the landing where General Grant's steamer, the Tigress was tied up. Summoning his staff, Grant came down the terraced steps and boarded the Tigress, giving orders to start upriver at once


These are the terraced steps Grant took from the back porch of the Cherry Mansion to the Tigress


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