Savannah, TN
Cherry Mansion (Grant's Headquarters)

Shiloh Historical Markers near Savannah, TN
Cherry Mansion: March 2004
War Comes To Savannah: March 2004
Cherry Mansion 1993: Courtesy of Ed Conner, TN

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Maj. Gen. C.F. Smith, Federal army commander, had headquarters here, where he died and was succeeded by Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant. Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell, commanding Federal army of the Ohio, also used it for a short while. Maj. Gen. W.H.L. Wallace, mortally wounded at Shiloh, died here.


(2012) Enlarge Cherry Mansion viewed from the Tennessee River landing
Photo by Sam Foster, KY

  (3-93) Entrance to Cherry Mansion

(3-93) Back porch of Cherry Mansion, side facing the river


(1993) Sometime between 7:00 - 7:30 am on the morning of April 6, 1862, General Grant sat down to breakfast in this dining room in the Cherry Mansion. His breakfast was interrupted by a headquarters orderly, Pvt. Edward N. Trembly, who reported the sounds of artillery coming from the direction of Pittsburg Landing. Grant went immediately to the back porch, where he heard "heavy firing"
Photo by Ed Conne
r, TN


(3-04) Enlarge Interpretive display below the mansion
Interpretive Marker: The Cherry Mansion
Interpretive Marker: War On The River
Interpretive Marker: Historic Crossing


(3-93) Looking up (south) the Tennessee River from below Cherry Mansion


(1993) These are the terraced steps Grant took from the back porch of the Cherry Mansion to the Tigress
Photo by Ed Conne
r, TN


(3-04) Enlarge Gate leading to the landing


The Tennessee River landing at Savannah, TN. Cherry Mansion is on the right


(3-04) Enlarge Cherry Mansion from the west bank of the Tennessee River

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