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Fight for the Round Forest

1. June 2013: James Neel, Sulphur Springs, TX
2. May 2003: Brian Risher, Madison, MS
3. March 1995: Webmaster
(June 2013) Enlarge Anchoring the Union Line - Hazen's Brigade
James Neel photo

(3-95) Fight for the Round Forest (Old Tour Stop 8). This was the only Union position to hold throughout the first day of the battle. The first Confederate attack came at 10 a.m. across the field on the other side of the Nashville Pike and was broken up by Union artillery. An hour later another charge carried to within 137 meters (150 yards) of the Union line before being stopped. The monument (background) erected in 1863 by the survivors of Col. William B. Hazen's brigade is the Nations oldest Civil War memorial
Panorama: Fight for the Round Forrest

(May 2003) Fight for the Round Forrest
Interpretive Marker: Hazen's Artillery

(May 2003) Fight for the Round Forrest

(May 2003) Fight for the Round Forrest. Walkway to Hazen Brigade Monument


(June 2013) Enlarge Hazen's Brigade Monument
The oldest battlefield monument is at the site of what used to be the Round Forest and was erected in 1863 by the members of Hazen's brigade which held this spot, termed Hells' Half Acre by the troops. It includes the graves of brigade members killed in the battle and collected here even prior to creation of the National Cemetery. Names of the dead and the regiments they belonged to are inscribed on individual gravestones as well as the sides of the stone monument. The inscription has eroded considerably, and is illegible in part; a metal sign transcribes it for visitors
James Neel photo

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