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(3-01) Enlarge Grindstone Ford at Bayou Pierre. View looking north from post Civil War bridge approach. Remains of wartime bridge approach are below near the trees. Following the May 1 battle of Port Gibson, Baldwin's Confederate Brigade marching to rejoin Bowen's command near Grand Gulf, crossed the suspension bridge here at midnight firing it behind them. The next day Federal forces extinguished the flames and found the bridge only partially destroyed. After completion of repairs early morning of May 3, the Federals crossed Bayou Pierre later running into a Confederate roadblock south of  Willow Springs

(3-01) Enlarge National Park Service marker on Natchez Trace Parkway


(3-01) Enlarge Remains of wartime bridge approach

(3-01) Enlarge Natchez Trace leading to Grindstone Ford


(3-01) Enlarge Old Port Gibson Road crossing of Little Sand Creek. The view is looking east. Elements of McClernand's Corps camped here night of May 6. Other units of Grant's army camped here May 7 and 8


(3-01) Enlarge Little Sand Creek. View looking south from Old Port Gibson Road

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