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(25) Blacksmith Shop #2 near the Stables   (26) Old Military Road & Bachelor's Officers' Quarters   (27) Lime Kiln near West Barracks   (28) Lime Kiln
(29) Footbridge along west boundary of fort   (30) Confederate Cemetery west of main fort
Panorama of this site
  (31) Confederate Cemetery   (32) Confederate Cemetery
(33) Gate at Confederate Cemetery leading to Government Springs & Hatsboro   (34) Government Springs west of the Confederate Cemetery   (35) Government Springs   (36) Government Springs
(37) Trail to Hatsboro from Government Springs   (38) Hatsboro 1/4 mi. west of Government Springs   (39) Bohanan Cabin (1866) near the Visitor Center   (40) Bohanan Cabin
(41) Bohanan Cabin   (42) Officers Quarters chimney north of West Barracks   (43) General Cooper Cabin near the Visitor Center
Historical Marker
  (44) General Cooper Cabin
(45) General Cooper Cabin
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  (46) West Barracks
More Photos
Panorama from this site
  (47) West Barracks in 1930
Another 1930 photo
ca 1900
  (48) Bachelor's Officers' Quarters east of Parade Ground
Another photo

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