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Missionary Ridge

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1. Battle of Missionary Ridge - Wikipedia
2. Missionary Ridge - Wikipedia
3. Battle of Missionary Ridge
4. Battle Summary: Chattanooga, TN
5. Missionary Ridge-Chickamauga-Lookout Mountain NPS MAP
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Army of the Tennessee
Birdsmill Road
Bragg Reservation   2
Breckinridge's Division
Brown's Brigade
Buschbeck's Brigade
Calvert's Arkansas Battery
Cleburne's Division
Cobb's Kentucky Battery
Chickamauga Station
Cockerill's Brigade
Col. Phelps Wounded   2
Confederate Casualties
Confederate Escape Route
Confederate Right Flank
Corse's Brigade
Cumming's Brigade   2   3
DeLong Reservation
G. A. Smith's Brigade
Hindman's Division
Illinois Monument   2   3
Iowa Monument   2   3
J. A. Smith's Brigade
Jackson's Brigade
Lewis' Brigade
Loomis' Brigade
Maney's Brigade
Matthies' Brigade
Missionary Ridge Trench
North Crest Road
Ohio Reservation
Pennsylvania Reservation
R/R Tunnel
Raum's Brigade
Rossville Gap
Sherman Reservation
Stevenson's Brigade
Swett's Mississippi Battery
Tunnel Hill
Turchin's Brigade
Turchin Reservation
Union Casualties
Water's Alabama Battery
6th Missouri
8th Kansas Monument
10th Missouri
26th Illinois
26th Missouri
55th Illinois
56th Illinois
73rd Pennsylvania Monument
90th Illinois
103rd Illinois

(2008) Sherman Reservation
Courtesy of William Cook, GA

(10-2000) Sherman Reservation (Confederate right flank)
Courtesy of Don Worth


(8-05) Sherman Reservation. Site of Confederate repulse of Sherman's attack on the northern end of Missionary Ridge
Courtesy of
Bill Weisheit

(2008) Sherman Reservation
Courtesy of William Cook, GA

(5-95) Illinois Monument at Bragg Reservation. Site where Illinois troops broke through the Confederate lines
Courtesy of David Willis


(10-05) Missionary Ridge. Col. E. H. Phelp's monument marking the spot where he was wounded


Courtesy of Paul Stanfield

(8-05) Bragg Reservation
Courtesy of Bill Weisheit



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