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(9-2006) Right of Hindman's Division on Missionary Ridge

(9-2006) Enlarge Hindman's Division Marker


(November 16, 2008) Enlarge Looking east. Tunnel Hill is a 250-foot high eminence located amidst a series of ridges and ravines just north of the northern end of Missionary Ridge. Running between Tunnel Hill and northern end of Missionary Ridge is the Chattanooga and Cleveland (modern east Tennessee and Georgia) railroad tunnel. Nov. 24, 1863 Confederate troops under general Patrick Cleburne arrived on Tunnel Hill to protect the far right or northern flank of the Confederate army arrayed along Missionary Ridge. The following day, Cleburne's men successfully defended their position against repeated Union infantry attacks launched up the northern and western faces of Tunnel Hill

The East Tennessee-Georgia railroad tunnel, completed just a few years prior to the Civil War, ran through the northern end of Missionary Ridge just south of Tunnel Hill. During the Battle of Missionary Ridge Nov. 25, 1863, Union troops attacking the Confederates atop the ridge took up positions along the railroad embankment roughly two hundred yards west of the tunnel. When the Confederates launched attacks of Tunnel Hill near the close of the fighting on the 25th, many Union soldiers mistakenly believed that the southerners charged out of the tunnel


(November 16, 2008) Another view looking east


(November 16, 2008) Enlarge Looking towards the Union positions


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