Gettysburg Photo Album
Culp's Hill: Johnson versus Greene Page2

(7-01) View of Seminary Ridge and the Lutheran Seminary cupola from Benner's Hill

(Wartime) View toward Gettysburg along the Hanover Rd. from Benner's Hill. Previous photos would be taken from the left of the photograph
Panorama: Rock Creek looking west
Panorama: View of the approach to Culp's Hill by Johnson's right flank




(7-01) Enlarge Jones's Brigade CSA. These plaques (pages 2 - 4) are along Confederate Avenue at the northeastern base of Culp's Hill, the first being the most west and the last being near Spangler's Meadow. For the most part, they describe the Confederate brigades that took part in the assault
Tablet: Culp's Hill "The Barb of the Hook." Tablet is on Confederate Avenue approximately 100 yards west of Jones's Brigade marker

(7-01) Enlarge Nicholls's Brigade CSA

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