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Culp's Hill: Johnson versus Greene Page6

(7-01) Spangler's Meadow at the southeastern side of Culp's Hill. Johnson's men sparred with the Federals across this field, using the stone wall in the foreground as cover. Indiana monument in the distance

(7-01) 27th Indiana Infantry monument near Spangler's Spring. With the 2nd Mass., the 27th Indiana charged the Confederate works on the morning of July 3 and suffered tremendous losses




(7-01) Night of July 2: "It seems Captain Selfridge of Company H had taken some of his men's canteens and gone on ahead to Spangler's Spring  to fill them,  when he discovered  "Johnnies"  also  there filling their canteens." 48th PA
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(7-01) 107th New York Infantry monument near Spangler's Spring

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