Gettysburg  2007

Photos/text courtesy of Becky Laudenbacher
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(2007-1)  20th Maine…remnants of the wall located on Little Round Top, made by the men of the 20th Maine to aid in some form of protection from there assaults they received from the men of the 4th Alabama and the 5th Texas regiments


(2007-2)  Spangler Fields…looking across the fields on the Henry Spangler Farm to where Pickett would have deployed for his charge on July 3rd


(2007-3)  146th New York……146th New York Monument in a rarely caught sunset and moon rise on Little Round Top


(2007-4)  PA Zouave…..155th Pennsylvania Zouave regiment of Weed’s brigade. If you look to the north in this picture you will see the Pennsylvania State Monument located on Cemetery Ridge


(2007-5)  General Warren…. Memorial statue of Brigadier General Gouverneur Kemble Warren surveying the Valley of Death and Devils Den to defend the crest of Little Round Top


(2007-6)  PA State Mon…. Pennsylvania State Monument located on Cemetery Ridge which honors Pennsylvania men who fought in the battle


(2007-7)  Trostle Barn….. the Abraham Trostle Barn- July 2nd. John Bigelow 9th Battery of Massachusetts Artillery was ordered by Sickles to hold this location. Brutal hand-to-hand combat took place as Barksdale’s Mississippians attached Bigelow. If you look closely you can see a cannonball hole in the brick just above the shed roof

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