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(March 2008)  Enlarge Fort Buhlow. The wood posts in the foreground are modern. The wooded, overgrown area in the background is where the fort is located

The photo is taken from the East looking to the West, so you see the Eastern side of Fort Buhlow

(November 27, 2010)  Enlarge Entrance to Fort Buhlow

This opening in the fort appears after a winding upward grade and is opposite Lake Buhlow. The path is dirt and gravel but becomes a wooden pathway once deeper inside the fort


(November 27, 2010)  Enlarge Lake Buhlow

This view is from the raised earth of the glacis of Fort Buhlow looking across Lake Buhlow at the current VA Hospital which is located near the site of the CSA Hospital and graveyard


(November 27, 2010)  Enlarge Who was Fort Buhlow named after? Who Built the fort?

This is an example of the interpretive markers found in Fort Buhlow. To answer the first question: Lt. Alphose Buhlow. According to the interpretive marker the answer to second question is hundreds of CSA soldiers and 44 slaves. Interpretive markers in the fort seemed to be framed in a question format similar to this example


(November 27, 2010)  Enlarge Fort Buhlow's Tour Route

Wooden bridges and elevated walkways are the norm for the tour around the fort. When we visited on November 27, 2010 there was no defined route, just walk at will and explore


(November 27, 2010)  Enlarge Aerial View of Fort Buhlow

The fort is the center of the circle. You may also notice the Red River and Allen Bridge which are near the fort

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