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(3-94)  Confederate Cemetery

1994 Tour Guide:  The Confederate cemetery contains the remains of at least 440 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Moore or in the nearby vicinity. At present only 148 of the graves are marked though the soldiers were buried individually. The Confederate monument stands as a lone sentinel to their memory

Marker at left center near the tree line, 1994 Tour Guide:
This point marks the outer limit of the largest of Camp Moore's drill fields which extended east to the Tangipahoa River. To the south of the drill field stood one of the principal camp areas for the troops which adjoined, farther to the south, the firing range and the other troop camp areas which straddled Beaver Creek

(3-94) Confederate Monument, dedicated in 1907, cemetery in background


(3-94)  Northern picket post and 1864 skirmish site

1994 Tour Guide: In this area stood the northern picket post of the camp. In the woods immediately to the north were a series of rifle pits which constituted the northern defensive perimeter. In this area and extending approximately one quarter mile to the north the October 1864 skirmish was fought

(3-94)  United Daughters of the Confederacy meeting place

1994 Tour Guide:
This cabin served as the initial meeting place for the Camp Moore chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. The marker stands in memory of their efforts to preserve Camp Moore. Some of the sharpest fighting during the October 1864 skirmish occurred along the railroad in this area 

(4-07) Looking south across the staging area/parade ground
Photo courtesy of Joel Manuel, Greenwell Springs, LA

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