Fort Butler
Donaldsonville, LA

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Fort Butler is located on SH-18 in the Historic District

Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Information Center
714 Railroad Avenue
Donaldsonville, LA 70346
Telephone: 225-473-4814


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(5-2000) United Daughters of the Confederacy Fort Butler Monument, dedicated June 27, 1999


(7-2011) Enlarge Obverse CSA Monument at Fort Butler
This monument has the text of a portion of a speech made by a lady in the Virginia Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and a partial list of the CSA troops from Texas and Arizona who died in the assault on Federal Fort Butler
Their names and units are:

4th Texas Mounted Volunteers
Co. A. Cartwright, Norval D., Lt.
Co. G. Stevens, M., Cpl.

5th Texas Mounted Volunteers
Co. A. Henderson, Wm., Pvt.
Co. D. Ragsdale, D.H., Capt.
Shelton, H.B., Pvt.
Coon, S.N., bugler
Co. F. Wilkenson, Jas., Pvt.
Co. G. Bridges, Ed J., Pvt.
Co. H Barnett, J., Pvt.
Co. I Dobbin, J.H., Pvt.
Co. K Long, James W. Pvt.

7th Texas Mounted Volunteers
Co. D Roach, B.J., Pvt.
Co. E Davis, R.B., Pvt.
Austin, T.J., Pvt.
Morgan, W.F., Sgt.
Co. F Barker, W.F., Pvt.
Co. G King, Alfred, Pvt.
Co. H Avery, T.G., Pvt.
Co. K House, P.M., Pvt.

3rd Arizona Cavalry
Staff Phillips, Joseph, Col.
Co. A McLean, A.M., Pvt.
Co. C Walker, W.K., Lt.
Vann, Sgt.
Co. E Whitener, John, Pvt.
Co. F. Kennedy, Henry, Capt.
Roan, William B., 3rd It.
Malone, James W., Pvt.
Stilwell, Newton C., Pvt.
Renfro, Thomas, Pvt.
Robertson, Mitchell, Pvt.
Co. H. Holand, W.L. Sgt

(7-2011) Enlarge Reverse CSA Monument at Fort Butler

The text of a poem is written on the reverse of the CSA Monument at Fort Butler. This poem is all the more touching because the CSA dead were buried in a mass grave because the request made after the battle for the Confederates to recover their dead for proper burial was denied.

Tenderly bury the fair young dead
Pausing to drop on his grave a tear;
Carve on the wooden slab at his head
Somebody's darling is buried here.
-Marie LeCaste


(5-2000) View of the monument and parking area from the Mississippi River levee


(5-2000) Approximate location of the Powder Magazine at left center near the two signs

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