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(7-2011) Enlarge These three monuments are at a roadside turnout in Donaldsonville, Louisiana close to a large levee for the Mississippi River. There is a small monument which is not related to the War Between The States followed by monuments to the CSA and USA forces which are of similar shape


(7-2011) Enlarge Photo taken from the position of the three monuments while looking toward the road and away from the levee. The concrete item near the Donaldsonville Louisiana Historical Marker looked like it might have once held a cannon


(7-2011) Enlarge Obverse of Union Monument at Fort Butler

This monument celebrates the role of African American Union Soldiers

(7-2011) Enlarge Reverse Union Monument at Fort Butler
The reverse lists those who contributed to the monument


(7-2011) Enlarge Close-up Union Monument at Fort Butler
An African American enlisted soldier


(5-2000) Enlarge Remains of the brick-lined moat. After the 1996 archaeological dig the excavation was filled-in

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