Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA

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(March 1996) SH-175 north of Pleasant Hill

Site Marker:
On this 4 square miles in around the Village of Pleasant Hill, aprox, 15,000 Confederates under Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor attacked approximately 25,000 Union troops under Maj. Gen. N. R. Banks on April 9, 1864. That was the 3rd day of fighting that stopped the Union attempt to capture Shreveport (Confederate Capital of Louisiana and Headquarters of Trans-Miss. Dept.) and launch an invasion of Texas. 
The Battle of Pleasant Hill, inc. 
April 1994

(March 1994) Louisiana SH-175 (Old Stage Road) between 10-mile Bayou and Pleasant Hill

Site Marker:
Pierce and Payne College building used for a Federal hospital to care for soldiers wounded in the Battle of Pleasant Hill was near here


(March 1996) Pleasant Hill Battlefield Park

Site Marker:
Pleasant Hill Battlefield, Village of Pleasant Hill, Founded Here April 1846: Pleasant Hill was occupied by Union armies on April 7, 1864 beginning 3 days of fighting which culminated in the largest battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi River being fought in and around the village on April 9, 1864
Historical marker originally placed April 1964, improved April 1994, C. E. Poimboeuf, M.D.

(March 1996) Pleasant Hill Battlefield Park


(March 1996) Pleasant Hill Battlefield Park, SH-175, north of Pleasant Hill


(March 1996 VHS)  Pleasant Hill Battlefield Park
Marker above     Other side (Official Records Report)

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