Battle of Mansfield, LA

Photos/Text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX, Jim Gray, Brisbane, Australia, Webmaster and George Hill, Conroe, TX
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Mansfield State Historic Site
15149 Highway 175
Mansfield, LA 71052
Tele: 318-872-1474


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Mansfield Battle Summary
Red River Campaign Overview
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John Fearn Francis: An Australian Confederate Hero
Courtesy of Jim Gray, Brisbane, Australia

67th Indiana Interpretive Marker
67th Indiana Position Marker
Chatman's Peach Orchard
Col. James H. Beard Monument
Col. Leopold L. Armant Marker
Federal Advance at Ten-Mile Bayou
Federal First Phase Line
Federal Third Phase Line
First Phase Position: 19th KY (Union)
First Phase Position: 77th Illinois
First Phase Position: 130th Illinois
Gen. Mouton Monument
Gen. N.P. Banks Headquarters
Gen. Richard Taylor Monument
Honeycutt Hill
Lt. Col. Camille J. Polignac Monument
Louisiana Troops Monument
Museum   2   3   4
Old Stage Road
Pleasant Grove
Rail Fence
Texas Monument
UDC Monument
Visitor Center   2

(March 1994)  SH-175 Entrance, Visitor Center in background, Confederate General Mouton monument at left
Photo by Webmaster

(March 1994) Louisiana SH-18 (River Road) east of Laura Plantation

Marker: Colonel Leopold L. Armant. Enlisted in Confederate Army, 1861; died heroically at Battle of Mansfield, 1864. Served in Yellow Jacket Bat. Com. of 18th Vol. Inf. Reg. and Mouton Brig. His ancestors were Jean Marle, Jean Baptiste, and Jean Seraphim Armant, St. James planters and army officers
Photo by Webmaster

(March 1994Visitor Center

Photo by Webmaster

(March 1994) Visitor Center. Bible bought by a young Texas soldier in the town of Mansfield on the day of the battle

Photo by Webmaster


(April 2007)  Enlarge This is an original Trans-Mississippi Louisiana CSA Cavalry Uniform on display at the Mansfield Battlefield Museum. Note this is labeled as the 4th or 7th Louisiana Regiment, but the trousers have a blue stripe, not the expected yellow stripe for cavalry. A note of explanation for the blue trouser stripe is included in the display

Photo by William Bozic


(March 2008) Enlarge Uniform of the 4th or 7th Louisiana Cavalry Regt

This is a close-up of an original uniform of a member of either the 4th or 7th Louisiana Cavalry. The shell jacket is a nine button jacket with Louisiana Pelican buttons and a yellow collar. The uniform is on display at the Mansfield Battlefield Museum

Photo by William Bozic


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