Battle of Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas
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1. Alan Wessel, Madison, WI
2. Dale Cox, FL
3. Roy Wilson, Sheridan, AR
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1. The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry by Dale Cox
2. Battle Summary: Jenkins' Ferry, AR
3. Genealogy Quest - Jenkin's Ferry Casualties
4. Engagement at Jenkins' Ferry - Encyclopedia of Arkansas
5. Jenkins' Ferry State Park - Wikipedia
          Battle of Jenkins' Ferry 150th Anniversary Reenactment
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R. M. Rodgers Autobiography
  150th Reenactment
April 26, 2014
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150th Anniversary Battlefield Photos   2
150th Anniversary Reenactment
Cannonball House
Captured Confederate Cannon   2
Captured Confederate Flag
Cox Creek   2   3   4   5
Ferry Crossing
Ferry Landing  2
George McCool House
Guesses Creek
Hospital   2
Little Rock to Camden Stage Road   2
Marker: Battle of Jenkins' Ferry
Marker: Jenkins' Ferry State Park
Marker: Saline River Bottoms
Marker: UDC
Old Military Road   2
Pontoon Bridge   2   3
Rice, Samuel Allen
Richard C. Rhodes House
Rodgers, Robert Manning
Saline River   2   3   4   5
Smith, Kirby
Taylor Homestead
UDC Marker   2
White Oak Swamp

(March 1999) Jenkins' Ferry Monument State Park, SH-46, 12 miles southwest of Sheridan. Trace of the Old Military Road at right
Webmaster Photo

(March 1999) Old Military Road crossing of the Saline River (background). The main battlefield is on private property southwest of the crossing
Webmaster Photo


Jenkins' Ferry State Park


The Saline River Bottoms


Red River Campaign: Battle of Jenkins' Ferry


Markers courtesy of Alan Wessel

(March 1999) Saline River at Old Military Road crossing 
Webmaster Photo

(August 2003) Enlarge  Monument erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Alan Wessel Photo


(February 2008) Enlarge  Markers  This is the interpretive display at the old ferry landing at Jenkins' Ferry State Park in Arkansas. The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry was fought just across the river from the park in the Saline River swamps. The last significant engagement of the Arkansas phase of the Red River Campaign, the battle was fought on April 29-30, 1864
Dale Cox Photo/narrative


(February 2008) Enlarge  This is the Saline River at Jenkins' Ferry State Park in Arkansas. The river was rising following heavy rains when this photograph was taken and the flood plain swamps were overflowing, much as they were during the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry. This photo was taken at the point where the Union pontoon bridge was thrown across the river. The Union retreat took place across the river from the opposite bank
Dale Cox Photo/narrative

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