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(2007) Enlarge Another view of the Saline River out of it's banks

(2007) Enlarge The official records refer to a swale, or low place where some of the Confederates got into to fire on the enemy. This runs east-west south of the military road in the right place, if it is what they were referring to

(2007) Enlarge Saline River overflow at ferry landing site  

(2007) Enlarge Confederate flag captured by Wisconsin troops at Battle of Jenkins' Ferry. A few years ago the Wisconsin archives in Madison returned the flag to the Arkansas Military Museum at Camp Robinson


(2012) Enlarge Log over Cox Creek in the battlefield area similar to scene as Union soldiers felled a much larger virgin tree so they could cross the rain swollen creek to fight Dockery's Confederates north of the creek


(2012) Enlarge Actual mouth of Cox Creek running in the Saline River. In the 1840s, Thomas and William Jenkins paid $1.00 to the county judge of then Saline County for the right to charge small fees to transport farm animals, buggies and wagons, or even the stagecoach across during high water times

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