Lexington, Virginia
October 2010

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1. Lee Chapel and Museum
2. V.M.I.
3. Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery
Stonewall Jackson's Arm
5. Lexington, Virginia: History
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Following Union General David Hunter's victory on June 5, 1864 at the Battle of Piedmont, Virginia, he occupied Staunton on June 6 and then marched his 18,000 troops on to Lexington. He shelled the town, crossed over the Maury River at Jordan's Point on June 11 and burned Virginia Military Institute.


(October 2010) Jordan's Point marker - Note the boat picture at bottom left. It is believed to be the one that brought Stonewall Jackson's body back to Lexington after his death at Chancellorsville
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(October 2010) General Hunter crossed the Maury River here on June 11, 1864



(October 2010) 1818 house of John Jordan at the river crossing

(October 2010) Lexington marker describing the action in Lexington, June 1864


(October 2010) The brick Stonewall Jackson House with stone addition, appearing the way it looked when the Jackson family lived there when Jackson was an instructor at Virginia Military Institute. This was the only house Jackson ever owned


(October 2010) Stonewall Jackson marker noting its later use as a community hospital

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