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Drish Plantation Mansion

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The Drish Plantation Mansion is currently on the Alabama 'Places In Peril' list.  The mansion, which once stood in the center of a 350 acre plantation, was built in 1837 by slave labor and named after original owner John H. Drish.  Mr. Drish added the three story Italianate tower in the 1860's in order to compete with Robert Jemison who was building his own mansion in town.  Mr. Drish died in the home in 1867 by throwing himself off the upstairs balcony.  There are many ghost stories associated with this home.  The home eventually fell into disrepair and was used for many different purposes over the years including a salvage yard and auto parts store during the great depression as well as part of a church during modern times.  It is slowly being reverted back to it's former glory and it is hoped to one day be a show place and museum.


(2010) Enlarge 1907 Postcard Image of Drish Mansion: In this photo you can see the detached kitchen original to the mansion. It was torn down at some point and brick buildings would sandwich the mansion in modern days as it was incorporated into a church
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(2010) Enlarge Drish Mansion survey photo



(2010) Drish House Wrecking Company, 1936

(2010) Enlarge Drish House Wrecking Company first floor staircase


(2010) Drish Mansion as Southside Baptist Church


(2010) Enlarge Drish Mansion and back of Southside Baptist Church

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